Yoga with Jen Mueller

Washington DC yoga instructor – adults, children, families, prenatal

Summer Classes Registering Now

Jen is teaching early childhood and Prenatal Yoga this summer through Breathing Space on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

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Over the past year or so, the family yoga programing I've been building on Capitol HIll has grown beyond just me. (As far as I know, Amalie, Cindy, Kate and Rebecca don't answer to the name Jen.)The mission of Breathing Space Family Yoga is to help all family members to experience the benefits of yoga.Breathing Space Family ... [Read more]

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Who are your heros? Mine include: Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Wangari Maathai, Lois Gibbs, Mitch Snyder . . .  What your answer and mine probably have in common is that heros tend to be people who have consciously decided to contribute their energies to positive change in the world. That is also my definition of Karma ... [Read more]